More About this Program…

The Carnegie Legacy Girls program welcomes more than five hundred school-aged girls as members for a full year to all 4 Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. A project of Carnegie Museum of Art’s Women’s Committee with participation by the museum’s education department and Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, the free program provides all the benefits of CMP membership plus a year of special museum activities designed just for the Legacy Girls. Through membership, the Legacy Girls have access to all the resources of the museums to learn, explore, and imagine.

In the fall of 2016, Carnegie Museum of Art and Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Innovation Studio and Technology Department hosted a special workshop for a small group of Legacy Girls on the basics of web design. In this workshop, the girls explored the museum and galleries photographing the most personally interesting works of art to build the content for their page.  Check out the results below–each created a customized page showcasing their images and insights. See what they saw and what they found unique about their experience at the museum!



The Women’s Committee Mission Statement

The Women’s Committee operates exclusively to promote the cultural and educational value of the Carnegie Museum of Art to the community by increasing the museum’s visibility, providing financial support and expanding its community outreach.Off-Kiltered Logo